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Disposable Masks

This mask, using gimped rubber, is disposable, hygienic and CE. It is fully compatible with the face

Disposable Surgical Cap

It can be used in all environments requiring hygiene. It is Non – Sterile for single use only. It is a disposable product

Disposable Overshoes

They are disposable nylon products that we use as a protector on our boots and shoes.

Protective Overalls

With a protective overalls, you can protect yourself and the people you love by eliminating possible risks

Protective Gowns

Disposable gowns, ideal for use in surgical environments where surgical applications take place, are produced sterile.

Surgical Gown

The patient gown is a special gown that is worn on the patient while going to the operating room and can be easily removed during the operation.

The Company MHM Konfeksiyon Gıda Temizlik Maddeleri Medikal İnş. Malz. San. Tic. Ltd. Şti, has been maintaining its experience in the textile industry since 1995. In order to carry our experience to different sectors, we have been operating in the medical sector in the production and sales of disposable Surgical gowns and Surgical drape sets since 2006.Since our service area puts an important task such as human health on our shoulders, we have approached the products we will offer you from this perspective and we have set ourselves the goal of working with quality, reliability and technological innovative companies.

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